Junior Hockey Talk is a podcast about all things junior hockey. Host and producer Kyle Outridge has a passion for sports especially hockey. Outridge has played all levels of minor hockey and has carried that passion into his latest project in the form of podcasting.  He began podcasting by doing segments for the Leafs Convo on upcoming players and has now expanded that to his own podcast Junior Hockey Talk.

Kyle Outridge

Kyle Outridge started his broadcasting passion through writing blog articles on the new Orleans Saints. That blog got picked up by a local football blog and became very popular.

Outridge has the passion for sports, the knowledge for hockey, and loves to talk. He was always known as the loud mouth in the dressing room. Watch as he helps take junior hockey to a new level with Junior Hockey Talk.

About the Junior Hockey Talk Podcast

Junior Hockey Talk is a podcast hosted and produced by Kyle Outridge. Outridge covers all aspects of junior hockey helping promote a sport he loves. You can learn more at www.jrhockeytalk.com