The latest updates from all the junior hockey leagues across Canada, the outlook for 2021 does not look bright.


The BCHL has been one of few leagues to begin regular season action prior to the shutdowns currently in place. Their most recent update comes after an extension of Covid-19 preventative measures were announced to the province. The earliest return date is February 11th, 2021


The MHL has seen restrictions bring a pause to their current season. The extension for teams in Nova Scotia are set to end on January 24th making a return before February highly unlikely.


The CCHL along with every other hockey league in Ontario have been ordered to Stay At Home. This will keep the league out of action until February 11th at the earliest.


The OJHL has remained quiet during the pandemic not making many public announcements regarding their season and potential return to play updates. Many teams in the league have started to move Overage players to leagues with the realistic possibility of playing in 2021. The OJHL will likely be without a regular season this year.


KJHL unlikely to return in 2021. With tighter restrictions set to extend the Jr B league will likely be cancelled for the remainder of the season.


The GOJHL is no different than any other league in Ontario, besides the fact that without much action under their belt the likely choice is for a cancelled season. When restrictions loosen they might return to exhibition action if possible.


The EOJHL is hoping for a return to action once the current stay at home order is done. The earliest return date is February 11th, 2021. This will likely see a return just before March if allowed to do so however, the outlook is not very bright for the league and the rest of Ontario.

Jr Hockey in Canada is likely over for many leagues and players, this is the harsh realistic facts. With many leagues in Ontario finding homes for overage players in the United States or one of few leagues in Canada still able to operate. Ontario will likely be under lockdown for longer than expected and this would crush any hopes of a return. We are missing the game we love and cherish and the players and teams are taking the biggest losses. We hope to see you at a rink in the future.