New Collingwood Colts Logo

Dave Steele part owner of the Junior “A” ownership group that hopes to have the Collingwood Colts bid approved by council members on March 12th when the entire council will render a decision on the matter, Mr. Steele took the time to talk with me.

After the March 4th council meeting I asked  Mr Steele how the proceedings went, and about the purchase of the Kingston Voyageurs, which has been a hot topic among the junior hockey world.

Dave Steele replied with “I can confirm we have purchased the Kingston Voyageurs and do plan on relocating the team to Collingwood.”

Kingston Voyageurs Logo

This confirms the widely speculated scenario that Kingston fans and media have been chasing to confirm for weeks. The Kingston Voyageurs have been sold to the junior “A” ownership group battling for the rights to call the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena home.

March 12th the council members of Collingwood will return to render their vote on which ownership group ultimately will call Collingwood home. When I asked Mr. Steele about how he felt the proceedings went, he said,

“I feel we proposed a very strong bid and we are able to stand by our bid with confidence that the town of Collingwood will see junior “A” hockey is the best decision and hockey for Collingwood.”

Here is the full Collingwood council meeting from March 4th, 2019

The debate continues in Collingwood however, the Kingston Voyageurs have likely played their final season in Kingston.