At a recent Ontario Hockey League game on Rogers TV between the Barrie Colts and the Owen Sound Attack, the topic of junior hockey in Collingwood was discussed. The question for the trio that held the discussion was if they had to pick today who would they pick? The general consensus was the Barrie Colts organization or the junior “A” bid would be the one they would ultimately choose.

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Mark and John bantered back and forth on the topic; Mark was laying out the details from both parties bids. At that time John, one of the co-hosts chimed in with his thoughts on the ongoing situation. John went on to say “The Barrie Colts have a great opportunity, and to me if it goes through it will be a great three step program to develop players.”

The three step program will truly be a strong way to develop local talent in Collingwood and the surrounding area. If the junior “A” bid is approved by the town of Collingwood they will have themselves a dedicated team that wants sustainability and success. Collingwood will not be burdened by the overhead costs of starting and maintaining a junior hockey team.

The junior “B” bidders have stated on numerous accounts that they will rely heavily on the community and fundraising to finance the team. The town of Collingwood will be on the hook more or less if the team does not find success.

Junior “A” hockey in Collingwood will be the best choice, just in regards to hockey and the exposure it will gain by having a tier II junior hockey team in town. Then you factor in the rock solid bid for the junior “A” bidders who have all the financial backing that is needed, it’s hard not to side with them. They’ve also purchased a team and will not need to roster an entirely new team. The owners will need to add a few players and build on the players they acquired in the sale.


It will be interesting to see how things progress, especially since reports have surfaced that the OJHL Kingston Voyageurs have been purchased and are currently awaiting approval for the sale. It is also intriguing as the junior “A” bidders have reported they already purchased a team and have been given approval to relocate the team to Collingwood. This is all depending on the approval of the bid to the town council members in Collingwood.